Hot Cod Sandwich

Hot Cod Sandwich


- In a mason jar, put a halved habanero, 4 cloves of garlic a big sprinkle of peppercorns, and several sprigs of dill
- Slice cucumbers into pickle chip size pieces and add to jar
- Boil equal parts white vinegar and water, with a big pinch each of salt and sugar
- Pour that over your vegetables
- Close lid and shake it like a polaroid picture
- Let sit in fridge for at least a couple hours

Tartar Sauce

- Thinly slice chives
- Dice 4 of your pickle chips
- Finely dice a quarter of a red onion
- Chop up some capers
- Chop some dill
- Add all this to two big spoonful’s of mayonnaise with a big squirt of lemon juice and a lot of cracked pepper

Wet Batter

- Mix a cup and ½ of flour with:
- 1 tbsp of paprika
- 1 tbsp garlic powder
- 1 tbsp onion powder
- 1 tbsp salt and pepper
- Whisk that together, then add an egg and mix it
- Whisk in almost a full beer

- Buy pre boned/skinned filets of cod or ask your butcher to do it
- Salt them
- Dredge them in flour
- Coat in wet batter
- Fry at 375* for 4 minutes until outside is crispy and brown

Nashville Hot

- Mix 50% cayenne with equal parts garlic powder, onion powder, and paprika
- Ladle your hot oil into a bowl with half of this mixture
- Ladle over fried fish then sprinkle the dry spice mixture on top of that


- Fry buns in butter
- Apply a ton of your tartar sauce to bottom bun
- Add a mound of thinly sliced cabbage
- Add your fried fish
- Put like 4 or 5 pickles on then top your sandwich
- Optionally add more sauce to top bun
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